Doshic Dance: Āyurveda, Yoga, and the Transformative Power of the Tongue

Within the sacred cave of the mouth, the profoundly divine tongue resides. Through the tongue's various movements, words form in linguistic āsanas, and we speak. When what we say (and do) synchronizes our body, spirit, and mind into a three-part harmony, we come into alignment. And yet, often what we say surprises even ourselves.Much can be learned from observing the tongue, literally and metaphorically. Āyurveda uses examination of the tongue (jihvaparīkshā) and assessment of the voice (shabdaparīkshā) as two of the eight main methods (ashtavidhāparīkshā) of assessing an individual's [...]

Can you Hear your Inner Voice?

Much has been written on the spiritual path about the “soft voice” or “inner voice” that Ayurveda describes as the “Self” or the “True Self.” In a way, these inner messages are similar to the texts or instant messages we receive from friends and family. One difference is you don't need an iPhone or Android cell phone to receive an inner message; those promptings are unfolding all the time. Yes, each of us can tune into such inner messages. It's helpful to remember that the language of the Self [...]

Ahimsa – The Golden Rule

We are living in an intensive time where consciousness is highly accelerated. At the same time, this rapidity exposes an equally intensive state of imbalance, where many layers of vulnerability in both urban and rural communities are exhibited. With the advent of globalization, the central force for human happiness, love, and nurturance has been severely compromised. And, with this central force compromised, the progressive deterioration of the human community has followed. In this state of deterioration we have become alienated from our roots—ancestral, seasonal, geographical, and archaeological. These roots [...]

What is the Significance of the Number 108 and Why is it so Important?

What is the significance of the number 108 in the yogic system? Sadhguru explains the relationship to one's chakras and the cosmic geometry. Yogi, mystic and one of the foremost authorities on yoga, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.Sadhguru: Yoga essentially understands aligning your system with the cosmic geometry. There is a certain geometry to the physical existence and to the [...]

PanchaKarma – Science of Detoxification in Ayurveda

IntroductionAyurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicines. It was preached, practiced and documented in the ancient times by omniscient sages. Ayurveda views disease as the natural end result of living out of harmony with our environment. And, it emphasizes on getting rid of toxins and re-establishing harmony and balance as the means of achieving optimal health in our body and mind.Treatment Modalities of AyurvedaThe two main types of treatment modalities in Ayurveda are Samshodhan Chikitsa (cleansing therapies) and Samshaman Chikitsa (pacifying therapies).Samshaman Chikitsa is done once the [...]

Prakriti – Balancing by Ayurveda

Prakriti literally means – 'The first creation'.Prakriti is our basic constitution – a unique blend of universal energies that came together to give us both your body type and temperament. It is determined at the moment of conception and relates to our genetically inherited physical and emotional qualities. Prakriti specifies the qualities, characteristics and tendencies that are stable. Prakriti is described by three Doshas – vata, pitta and kapha which are vaguely comparable with air, fire and earth element of the universe. Our Prakriti is determined by the balance [...]

Tuning the Body to the Earth’s Rhythm

Summer has arrived and nature is slowly awakening. Now is the perfect time to reconnect our hearts and recharge ourselves by fuelling our bodies with energy, positivity and awareness. The winter season can be dampening on our bodies and mind. It is important to rejuvenate both mentally and physically. Following the rhythm of nature as gently as nature itself, just as winter tiptoes into spring towards summer, fuelling your body with the right foods and liquids is a great way to start. However, if one wants to detox the [...]

Awakening the Music Within

Long before quantum physicists discovered it, Ayurvedic healers of the past worked with the knowledge that everything in existence has an intrinsic musical, or sonic, quality to it, including our very selves. From galaxies, stars and orbiting planets, to rivers, forests and the migration of birds, everything in the universe is connected by sub-atomic, sonic frequencies. When our own individual sonic vibration resounds in harmony with the primordial sounds in the universe around us, we experience good health. Ayurveda is, therefore, about tuning in to life's music and joining [...]

Thrill of Life Positive Stress

When many think of stress they think only of the negative effects that come with it. Did you know that some types of stress can be good for you? That's right! Some forms of stress can be good for you, but other types of stress disorders can cause major health problems and even be life threatening. Stress is a natural function of the body, but understanding the different types of stress, such as distress and eustress, helps you to better understand how to deal with the stress you find [...]

Women’s Power to Heal

Be Shaktified! At this momentous time in the history of the primordial feminine, I call on women to reclaim their feminine force of the Shakti. Once more, we stand at the dawn of time, when we must take back our prowess as women. First, each one of us must recognize the supreme challenge of the wounds of intimacy that women naturally bear in the rite of passage to the Divine Feminine.The principle of Shakti (primordial feminine power) as set forth by the Vedas offers a revolutionary solution to restoring [...]